Issue 10 - In the DesertAl Hiyari Sahel Videos, Studio

Holy Ground: Unorthodox Interventions in the Wadi Rum

Lecture by Sahel Al Hiyari

I will present to you a few projects that sort of represent the trajectory of works I have done over the past 13 years. The works are focal points or images between two aspects: on one hand it is the aspect of a cultural context that is characterized by its constant transitions, ambiguities, and an...

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Issue 8 - Middle East 2Ivanišin Krunoslav, Al Asad Mohammad, Al Hiyari Sahel Interviews, Videos


Interview with Mohammad Al Asad and Sahel Al Hiyari

Public space in a Middle Eastern city

MOHAMMAD AL ASAD: this is a very difficult subject to address because there is always the talk of the fact that there are no true public spaces in this part of the world, but then you have Cairo and “Tahrir square” which shows how a public space...

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