Issue 2 - After After Allen Stan Videos

Stan Allen

If we look at the political landscape today everything is being played out over questions of borders and boundaries. As architects our expertise lies much more in the creation of borders and boundaries, in the establishment of limits than it does in the dissolution of those limits. That kind of...

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Issue 2 - After After Gadanho PedroVideos

Pedro Gadanho

I think the question of economy is fundamental. And I think that is one of the main issues when I suggest you the paradigm of trans-geographical knowledge exchange, which is a very strange way of saying that we have to find new models which really relate globally to the different forms of...

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Issue 2 - After After Viray ErwinVideos

Erwin Viray

Besides craftsmanship and sustainability, I think that a third paradigm could be the existence of fantasy, narrative and imagination, as a way to respond to the very hard post crisis conditions. It can be seen in some works of the young Japanese architects: I think it's very specific of Japan but...

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Issue 2 - After After de la Hoz RafaelVideos

Rafael de la Hoz

My main concern is if in the future we will repeat again the same mistakes we have made until now. Crisis is the opportunity to change our attitude and to make a reflection about how to change the future. For achieving this I think we need two things: a new model of development and education.


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Issue 17 - PedagogyMateo Josep LluísVideos, Studio

On Teaching

by Josep Lluis Mateo

Our mission is, of course, to teach people to design: to imagine in physical terms a new reality and, further, to be able to make it possible, to build it.

My interest is more methodological - abstract, instrumental - than stylistic and is situated between awareness of the student’s freedom of...

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Issue 10 - In the DesertSauter FlorianVideos, Reviews, Studio

Natural Conditions: An Iconographical Survey of a Hotel Project in the Khor Al-Adaid Desert

by Josep Lluís Mateo, Krunoslav Ivanišin, Ramias Steinemann, Tomeu Ramis and Florian Sauter

The desert – always moving, never static; like an ocean of sand.

An intervention without scale confronts the infinity...

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Issue 9 - PREVI revisitedMateo Josep LluísVideos


by Josep Lluís Mateo

The relatively little known PREVI project is important for several reasons. First of all, it was set in the context of the overall logic of the informal city. The self-constructed city, comprising houses built by their occupants, played a major role at the time, especially in that particular...

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Issue 7 - On CanettiMateo Josep LluísVideos, Studio

Loss of Weight

by Josep Lluís Mateo

The last semester we were involved in a project that tried to connect literature – written knowledge – with architecture. Of course, knowledge has been transmitted until very recently or until now by books, by letters, by printed forms invented in the Renaissance. So, the fact that books have...

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Issue 4 - CinemaMateo Josep LluísVideos, Studio


by Josep Lluís Mateo

The relationship between cinema & architecture is mentioned in many occasions and it's partially true. In fact, the architecture in the cinema appears as a background of the scene, as a background of the action. As, happens with photography, the cinema is giving us a specific point of view...

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Issue 3 - On GiacomettiMateo Josep LluísStudio, Videos

narrative and physical facts

by Josep Lluís Mateo

Our Giacometti project deals with a very important question that is the meaning of the word context. What is a context? Which is the context?

Of course the context is connected with the physical facts, with the geography, the topography, with the climate, the snow, the temperature and also...

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Issue 16 - Identity & ModernitySauter Florian, Xiaodong LiVideos

"When you copy the things around you, you never become the center because you give up your own voice"

Lecture by Li Xiadong

The idea of turning a periphery into a centre is to become independent. You have to think
independently to identify what your problem is.

When you...

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Issue 14 - AirSchmidlin Chasper, von Mackensen Till, Mateo Josep Lluís, Steinemann Ramias, Sauter FlorianVideos, Studio

Meteorological Observatory

by Josep Lluis Mateo,Till von Mackensen, Chasper Schmidlin, Ramias Steinemann and Florian Sauter

At an artistic level, the picture could be painted with the remains of the sky;
making the enclosure ready to receive and...

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Issue 13 - WaterHotz Anna, Obiol Cecilia , Steinemann Ramias, Sauter FlorianVideos, Studio

Marina and Thermal Bath

by Josep Lluis Mateo, Anna Hotz, Cecilia Obiol, Florian Sauter & Ramias Steinemann


Gino de Giorgi: On wet or marshy land, architecture is always inserted with care, with the greatest precaution. These sites...

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Issue 17 - PedagogySauter Florian, Mateo Josep LluísEssays, Videos, Studio

Pedagogical Ambition

Lecture by Josep Lluis Mateo

We try to teach how to design, how to produce, how to think and make buildings happen. For me, this is closely connected to the dialectic between concept (abstract conditions) and matter (physical conditions). This kind of synthetic duality is the starting point of our profession, in which an idea...

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Issue 11 - Made In ChinaWenyi Zhu, Xiaodong Li, Wang Lu Interviews, Videos


Interview with Wang Lu, Li Xiaodong and Zhu Wenyi

Tradition in the Beijing urban development

ZHU WENYI: From the viewpoint of urban space or urban design, a lot of things are related to tradition; they have not disappeared and still alive. The Chinese architecture and city, as same as the Chinese food, is a part of Chinese culture...

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Issue 10 - In the DesertAl Jaidah Ibrahim Essays, Videos, Studio

Desert Architecture: Some Comments on Qatari Architecture in the Pre- and Post-Oil-Period

Lecture by Ibrahim Al Jaidah

The Gulf’s architectural forms have, to some extent, been limited by two important factors: climate and the availability of building materials. The...

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Issue 6 - Middle East 1Ivanišin Krunoslav, Baumgartner MarianneEssays, Videos


by Marianne Baumgartner, "On the Road" Video by Krunoslav Ivanisin

And Moses went up from the plains of Moab to Mount Nebo, to the top of Pisgah, which is opposite Jericho. And The Lord showed him all the land,...

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Issue 16 - Identity & ModernitySauter Florian, Pallasmaa JuhaniInterviews, Videos

Fusion of the Senses

Interview with Juhani Pallasmaa

JP I grew up at my grandfather’s small farm in central Finland, so I have
a farm boy’s mentality. I was the only boy within five kilometres and
had to invent things for myself to do. When you have a lot of time,
there are, of course, endless miracles happening in nature. So, my...

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