Issue 5 - Global Observatory Sauter FlorianEssays

Global Style

by Florian Sauter

It is no secret that from an operative standpoint the internet has proven its worth: as a tool that enables the easy and cheap transfer of data and communication, it has revolutionized architectural working procedures and allowed numerous offices to build globally on an hitherto unknown, at least...

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Issue 15 - FireMateo Josep Lluís, Sauter FlorianEssays, Studio

Elemental Conditions

Lecture by Josep Lluis Mateo

We are dealing with fire in a very specific spot: the island of Stromboli, Europe’s last permanently active volcano. Here, we are going to relate to fire in three ways.

First, as a physical presence, as a phenomenon that can be intellectually analysed or sensually perceived. Through...

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Issue 10 - In the DesertSauter FlorianReviews, Studio, Videos

Natural Conditions: An Iconographical Survey of a Hotel Project in the Khor Al-Adaid Desert

by Josep Lluís Mateo, Krunoslav Ivanišin, Ramias Steinemann, Tomeu Ramis and Florian Sauter

The desert – always moving, never static; like an ocean of sand.

An intervention without scale confronts the infinity...

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Issue 16 - Identity & ModernityXiaodong Li, Sauter FlorianVideos

"When you copy the things around you, you never become the center because you give up your own voice"

Lecture by Li Xiadong

The idea of turning a periphery into a centre is to become independent. You have to think
independently to identify what your problem is.

When you...

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Issue 14 - AirSteinemann Ramias, Sauter Florian, Schmidlin Chasper, von Mackensen Till, Mateo Josep LluísVideos, Studio

Meteorological Observatory

by Josep Lluis Mateo,Till von Mackensen, Chasper Schmidlin, Ramias Steinemann and Florian Sauter

At an artistic level, the picture could be painted with the remains of the sky;
making the enclosure ready to receive and...

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Issue 13 - WaterSteinemann Ramias, Sauter Florian, Hotz Anna, Obiol Cecilia Videos, Studio

Marina and Thermal Bath

by Josep Lluis Mateo, Anna Hotz, Cecilia Obiol, Florian Sauter & Ramias Steinemann


Gino de Giorgi: On wet or marshy land, architecture is always inserted with care, with the greatest precaution. These sites...

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Issue 17 - PedagogyMateo Josep Lluís, Sauter FlorianVideos, Studio, Essays

Pedagogical Ambition

Lecture by Josep Lluis Mateo

We try to teach how to design, how to produce, how to think and make buildings happen. For me, this is closely connected to the dialectic between concept (abstract conditions) and matter (physical conditions). This kind of synthetic duality is the starting point of our profession, in which an idea...

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Issue 12 - EarthSteinemann Ramias, Sauter Florian, Obiol Cecilia , Jakob Michael , Mateo Josep LluísReviews, Studio


by Josep Lluis Mateo, Cecilia Obiol, Florian Sauter & Ramias Steinemann

Isabelle Ramseier
The project derives from the typology of the ruins. A ruin generally keep contact to the earth. The more distant part as the roof...

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Issue 16 - Identity & ModernitySauter Florian, Pallasmaa JuhaniInterviews, Videos

Fusion of the Senses

Interview with Juhani Pallasmaa

JP I grew up at my grandfather’s small farm in central Finland, so I have
a farm boy’s mentality. I was the only boy within five kilometres and
had to invent things for myself to do. When you have a lot of time,
there are, of course, endless miracles happening in nature. So, my...

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Issue 13 - WaterHampe Michael, Sauter FlorianStudio

Panta Rhei and Plato's Revenge

Lecture by Michael Hampe

Philosophy is usually concerned with concepts; abstract concepts like
causality or space and time. Water is not so much a concept as a kind of
pre- or proto-concept: a word that was used before conceptual thinking
really began.

Pieces of water
If you cut this building into two parts,...

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Issue 14 - AirBucci Angelo, Sauter FlorianStudio

“Brazil is a place, where we can build buildings, which have the same air inside as outside“

Lecture by Angelo Bucci

No one in Brazil is concerned with thermal bridges, and this is not because we don’t care, but it‘s simply a fact that there is no negative...

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Issue 7 - On CanettiCanetti Elias, Sauter FlorianEssays

The Shadows

Excerpts from Elias Canetti: The Tongue Set Free - Remembrance of a European Childhood

Zurich – Scheuchzerstrasse, 1916-1919

“I was never told that one does something for practical reasons. Nothing was done that might be “useful.” All the things I wanted to grasp were equally valid. I moved along a hundred roads at once without having to hear that any was more...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Sauter Florian, Bucci AngeloInterviews, Reviews

Angelo Bucci (spbr) - Building the Americas

by Florian Sauter

A Robinson Crusoe-like spirit of adventurousness and desire to mark out human territory permeates the work of Angelo Bucci. In both a historical perspective considering the voyages of the classical navigators and their conquest of a primordial American wilderness, but also in terms of an...

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Issue 16 - Identity & ModernityMehrotra Rahul, Sauter FlorianVideos

Pragmatic, Poetic, Sacred

Lecture by Rahul Mehrotra

The materiality of place in what is locally available—the elements—is always the starting point for our projects. We also excavate a site very deeply; by excavation, I mean understanding its dynamics, its politics and its cultural expressions. For me, the site is not just the piece of land; it...

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Issue 13 - WaterEggertsson Dagur, Sauter FlorianStudio

Handmade? - or The Beauty of the Small

Lecture by Dagur Eggertsson

One definitely brings a lot of one‘s practical experiences into architecture, a lot of one‘s childhood memories, one‘s experiences throughout life. You are constantly sampling the environment and understanding closely the space and content of your environment. As in our case, when coming from...

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Issue 14 - AirSauter FlorianEssays

J. M. W. Turner: Lost Paradise

by Florian Sauter

What makes us human is the liberty to invent things that do not exist in nature. Undermining that fact, J. M. W. Turner in his paintings deliberately depicted not the direct impressions he observed, but filled the canvas with his imaginative power. Vaguely defining the main outlines of a scenery on...

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Issue 7 - On CanettiSauter FlorianStudio

Touching the Earth Lightly

Student: Sandro Elmer

Minimizing the building’s footstep on the bounteous ground, Sandro Elmer’s library soars in form of a light steel-structure into the air. Using the surrounding vegetation as a curtain and the elevated view towards the surroundings as a main asset, the project’s ease also epitomizes today’s de-materialization of books into lighter modes of knowledge transfer.

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Issue 3 - On GiacomettiSauter FlorianStudio

Breaking the Scale

Student Project: Xiong Sun

From the viewpoint of adaptation Xiong Sun’s project demonstrates that architecture does not solely operate within its immediate surroundings - the ever present contextual influences and bioclimatic factors - but can also provoke the engagement of a larger landscape, in this particular case the...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Sauter Florian, Godsell SeanInterviews, Reviews

Sean Godsell - The Solid is the root of the Light; the Quiescent is the master of the Hasty

by Florian Sauter

Sean Godsell’s architecture is one of ambiguities: monumentality is achieved through lightness, easiness of living by hand of discipline in plan,...

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Issue 7 - On CanettiSauter Florian, Aureli Pier Vittorio, Ramis TomeuVideos, Studio, Interviews

Text + Project

Interview with Pier Vittorio Aureli

Besides your practical activities, you have written a lot. Theory and Practice go sort of hand in hand. How would you differentiate or relate these two forms of architectural expression?

It is a good question. First of all I do not believe in the separation of theory and practice, which...

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