Selected Issue

Issue 5 - Global Observatory

On Contemporary Practices (October 2011)

The Global Observatory is one of the sections of our research activities that try to operate, in an organized way, into the mass and mess of data provided by the web. Generated for internal uses only, we now present to the whole architectural community one small portion of our work. The research on global contemporary practices should act first as a filter, second as a qualitative proposal and third as an analytical tool also connected to our academic activities.

Issue 5 - Global Observatory Sauter FlorianEssays

Global Style

by Florian Sauter

It is no secret that from an operative standpoint the internet has proven its worth: as a tool that enables the easy and cheap transfer of data and communication, it has revolutionized architectural working procedures and allowed numerous offices to build globally on an hitherto unknown, at least...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Matharoo Gurjit Singh Essays

House with Balls

by Gurjit Singh Matharoo

All architectural pursuits are tedious, painful & more often than not heart breaking. Its only some individuals, animals and circumstances in the process of building it up that sometimes make the experience light and act as balms or pain relievers. Here are some we encountered along the way to House...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Hotz Anna, Matharoo Gurjit Singh Reviews, Interviews

Gurjit Singh Matharoo - Massive Elegance

by Anna Hotz

Architecture and product design are closely related. Matharoo Associates deal with both. For this reason they have structural engineers in their team. The interest in product design shows up not only in there projects, where they often design the complete building from the external shell to the door...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Sauter Florian, Bucci AngeloReviews, Interviews

Angelo Bucci (spbr) - Building the Americas

by Florian Sauter

A Robinson Crusoe-like spirit of adventurousness and desire to mark out human territory permeates the work of Angelo Bucci. In both a historical perspective considering the voyages of the classical navigators and their conquest of a primordial American wilderness, but also in terms of an...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Amunt, Baumgartner MarianneReviews, Interviews

AMUNT - Sculpture and Void

by Marianne Baumgartner

AMUNT architects martenson und nagel thiessen were founded in 2005 as an architecture cooperation in Aachen and Stuttgart. Together they realised several small projects. Each project is approached with a critical examination. Topics such as energy efficiency or societal changes concerning habitation...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory AmuntEssays

18 Points

by Björn Martenson, Sonja Nagel and Jan Theissen

1. Thinking from scratch helps to break new ground/question standards.

2. Historical foundations are good references. There is no future without a past.

3. It is helpful to integrate and evolve the existing.

4. Efficiency works against creativity.

5. The shortest path is...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Steinemann Ramias, Sánchez García José MaríaReviews, Interviews

Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia - Consistent Expression

by Ramias Steinemann

Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia’s work seems to be a combination of the affinity to solid geometries and the play of light and shadow. He sees architecture as something monumental and massive that is carved out. The traces can be read already in his childhood: “I always lived in a house with vaulted...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Hotz Anna, Mount Fuji StudioReviews, Interviews

Mount Fuji Studio - Structural Atmosphere

by Anna Hotz

Mount Fuji Studio realised different private houses in cities of Japan, well adapted to the limited space available there. They also deal with aesthetic improvement in the neighbourhood for instance by designing outdoor furniture.
In the architecture of Mount Fuji Studio the construction permits...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Mount Fuji StudioEssays

Architecture as Dialogue

by Masahiro Harada

We do not subscribe to the assertion that "the city is a problem and architecture is the answer." That point of view is a pure product of modern architectural theory, which as such weighs very heavily on today's architectural education programmes: What are the problems running through the city?...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Lei Tao, Huang XushengReviews, Interviews

Tao Lei - Pursuing Inner Peace in a Society of Chaos

by Huang Xusheng

In the 21st century, a new generation has played a fundamental role in Chinese
architectural field. Tao Lei, who has made architecture for ten years and founded his own studio in 2007, is one of them. They do not act as an introducer of western architecture, an avanti-courier or an experiment...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Sauter Florian, Godsell SeanReviews, Interviews

Sean Godsell - The Solid is the root of the Light; the Quiescent is the master of the Hasty

by Florian Sauter

Sean Godsell’s architecture is one of ambiguities: monumentality is achieved through lightness, easiness of living by hand of discipline in plan,...

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Issue 5 - Global Observatory Godsell SeanEssays

Thinking Making

by Sean Godsell

One of my earliest childhood memories was sitting on my father’s knee while he drew. The backing paper and masking tape on his drawing board were covered in squiggles of black drawing ink lines – evidence of clogged Rapidograph pens – and to distract me he would sketch the faces of my siblings...

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