Issue 11 - Made In ChinaObiol Cecilia , Wang Lu , Wenyi Zhu, Xiaodong LiInterviews


Interview with Wang Lu, Li Xiaodong and Zhu Wenyi

IDENTITY. Could we say that there is a new tendency in Chinese architecture orientated to the recovery of its original identity?

WANG LU. Shortly to say in China we cannot escape from style. After the Cultural Revolution the whole China started to reconsider how to build the...

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Issue 16 - Identity & ModernitySauter Florian, Xiaodong LiVideos

"When you copy the things around you, you never become the center because you give up your own voice"

Lecture by Li Xiadong

The idea of turning a periphery into a centre is to become independent. You have to think
independently to identify what your problem is.

When you...

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Issue 11 - Made In ChinaWang Lu , Wenyi Zhu, Xiaodong LiInterviews, Videos


Interview with Wang Lu, Li Xiaodong and Zhu Wenyi

Tradition in the Beijing urban development

ZHU WENYI: From the viewpoint of urban space or urban design, a lot of things are related to tradition; they have not disappeared and still alive. The Chinese architecture and city, as same as the Chinese food, is a part of Chinese culture...

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