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Issue 17 - Pedagogy

Freedom and Responsibility

The most exciting moment for me as a teacher is to provoke these moments of discovery, when things connect and something is magically released. This is normally a private affair between teacher and student, but sometimes we try to generate an argument that can be shared with more people. To this end, we share the resulting knowledge in the form of digital and analogue books and videos.

Issue 17 - PedagogyMateo Josep LluísStudio, Videos

On Teaching

by Josep Lluis Mateo

Our mission is, of course, to teach people to design: to imagine in physical terms a new reality and, further, to be able to make it possible, to build it.

My interest is more methodological - abstract, instrumental - than stylistic and is situated between awareness of the student’s freedom of...

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Issue 17 - PedagogyMateo Josep Lluís, Sauter FlorianEssays, Videos, Studio

Pedagogical Ambition

Lecture by Josep Lluis Mateo

We try to teach how to design, how to produce, how to think and make buildings happen. For me, this is closely connected to the dialectic between concept (abstract conditions) and matter (physical conditions). This kind of synthetic duality is the starting point of our profession, in which an idea...

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Issue 17 - PedagogyMateo Josep LluísStudio

Models and Images

by Josep Lluis Mateo

Models and images are tools or instruments that provoke the transport or passage of abstract ideas to physical reality.


1 Volume
All buildings have a volume, some kind of shape or sculptural presence with a certain definition of the relations between voids and mass. In...

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Issue 17 - PedagogyHotz Anna, Mateo Josep Lluís, Concheiro IsabelVideos, Studio

Building and Teaching

Interview with Josep Lluis Mateo

Could you talk about the relationship between your academic activity and your professional practice? In what way do they influence each other?

I consider myself a professional architect. Having said that, I have to point out that this has not always been the case. At the start of my career...

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Issue 17 - PedagogyMateo Josep LluísEssays

"Sharing is the other side of Discovering"

by Josep Lluis Mateo

1 Idea and Matter

Our mission is to teach students to design—that is, to imagine, in physical terms, a new reality, and then to know how to make it possible, construct it.
My interest is more methodological—that is, abstract or conceptual—than stylistic or formal, and it...

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