Issue 3 - On GiacomettiConcheiro IsabelEssays, Studio

Physical Remains - The Giacomettis' Traces in the Bergell

by Isabel Concheiro

Crossing the Bergell valley, the memory of the Giacomettis is present through the way they have described the villages and the landscape: Giovanni Giacometti's landscape visions of the valley, the houses and gardens of Stampa painted by Augusto and the landscape reflected by Alberto from the window...

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Issue 1 - After Crisis Concheiro IsabelEssays

SPAIN INTERRUPTED - On the Form of the Financial Bubble

by Isabel Concheiro

1. The Spanish Financial Bubble in the Context of the Liberal Market

In Spain, 2006 was a milestone as regards the number of houses constructed: 760,000; more than the 650,000 started that year in France and the United Kingdom, whose combined populations almost triple that of Spain. Between 2001...

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Issue 14 - AirConcheiro IsabelEssays

Jorge Oteiza: Void as Matter

by Isabel Concheiro

By definition, void and matter are complementary terms; the void is generated by the subtraction of matter and it is perceived in relationship to its opposite, a concrete or physical boundary. In the work of Jorge Oteiza the relationship between void and matter is reversed. His sculptural research...

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Issue 15 - FireConcheiro Isabel, Allen Stan , von Mackensen TillVideos, Interviews

Fire and Light

Interview with Stan Allen

IC Fire as a form of energy and its mastering gave rise to human civilization.
From its central role in the organization of space, the architectural
presence of fire has declined somewhat during the last two centuries.
On the one hand, its potential dangers led it to be shut away, first...

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Issue 17 - PedagogyMateo Josep Lluís, Concheiro Isabel, Hotz AnnaStudio, Videos

Building and Teaching

Interview with Josep Lluis Mateo

Could you talk about the relationship between your academic activity and your professional practice? In what way do they influence each other?

I consider myself a professional architect. Having said that, I have to point out that this has not always been the case. At the start of my career...

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Issue 3 - On GiacomettiRuinelli Armando, Concheiro IsabelInterviews

Architecture in the Bergell

Interview with Armando Ruinelli

How in your opinnion the strong physical and geographical conditions of Bregaglia influence the architecture of the valley?

There are some very strong elements, as the mountains and the shapes, these very stiff shapes. I live in Soglio, where the strong presence of the mountains is always...

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Issue 4 - CinemaConcheiro IsabelStudio


Student: Till Thomschke

Locarno's public park in the city centre is one of its main open spaces, establishing a relationship on one hand, between the old town and the XIXth century city extension in the Maggia's delta and on the other, between the Lago Maiore and the Piazza Grande, the main location of the Locarno Film...

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Issue 3 - On GiacomettiConcheiro IsabelStudio

Archaic expression

Student: Dario Wohler

Dario Wohler's project raises two interesting questions in relationship with the physical and cultural conditions of the place. On one hand, the dialogue with the strong topographic conditions of the Bergell valley. On the other, the definition of the exhibition space by means of light to create...

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Issue 1 - After Crisis Concheiro Isabel, Steinemann Ramias, Carmeliet JanVideos, Interviews


Interview with Jan Carmeliet

Ecology and Urbanism

I prefer not to use the word ecological, but instead, I rather speak about sustainable urban design. Ecology is just one of the aspects of sustainability, besides economical and social aspects. Our research contributes to the sustainable design of existing and future...

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