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Issue 13 - Water

Marina & Thermal Bath in the Engadine

At the meeting of earth and water, the project—as in all cases of solid, stable architecture—has to address its opposites: the liquidity and instability of the water. And, further, its possibilities of transformation and change of state, mobility and refl ection. We see Water in relation to the project as its initial ontological condition. The brief is for a leisure and sports amenity, hedonistic and therefore light architectures, at the medium scale with a degree of internal complexity in the design of very different kinds of spaces (spa-indoor, landing stage for boats, constructions on stilts over the water, etc. ) At the lakes of the Oberengadin, though surrounded by mountains, we will be working on the horizontal, liquid, unstable support of the water. Without raising our eyes.

Issue 13 - WaterSteinemann RamiasEssays, Studio

The Engadine

by Ramias Steinemann

The Valley of the Engadin begins at the Maloja mountain pass with a chain of lakes running southwest to northeast: « Lej da Segl », « Lej da Silvaplauna « , and « Lej da San Murezzan » . Maloja is a watershed dividing the river « Inn » flowing via the Danube to the Black Sea and the «...

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Issue 13 - WaterSteinemann Ramias, Sauter Florian, Hotz Anna, Obiol Cecilia Videos, Studio

Marina and Thermal Bath

by Josep Lluis Mateo, Anna Hotz, Cecilia Obiol, Florian Sauter & Ramias Steinemann


Gino de Giorgi: On wet or marshy land, architecture is always inserted with care, with the greatest precaution. These sites...

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Issue 13 - WaterHampe Michael, Sauter FlorianStudio

Panta Rhei and Plato's Revenge

Lecture by Michael Hampe

Philosophy is usually concerned with concepts; abstract concepts like
causality or space and time. Water is not so much a concept as a kind of
pre- or proto-concept: a word that was used before conceptual thinking
really began.

Pieces of water
If you cut this building into two parts,...

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Issue 13 - WaterHotz Anna, Vogt GüntherVideos, Studio, Interviews

Water and Landscape

Interview with Günther Vogt

GV First of all, I think we have to recognise that architecture and landscape
architecture always deal with culture. This means that we only see
what we know. Without knowledge, you cannot perceive or value the
landscape. In this way, architecture and landscape are similar. Here,
of course, we...

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Issue 13 - WaterEggertsson Dagur, Sauter FlorianStudio

Handmade? - or The Beauty of the Small

Lecture by Dagur Eggertsson

One definitely brings a lot of one‘s practical experiences into architecture, a lot of one‘s childhood memories, one‘s experiences throughout life. You are constantly sampling the environment and understanding closely the space and content of your environment. As in our case, when coming from...

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