Issue 16 - Identity & ModernitySauter Florian, Mehrotra RahulVideos

Pragmatic, Poetic, Sacred

Lecture by Rahul Mehrotra

The materiality of place in what is locally available—the elements—is always the starting point for our projects. We also excavate a site very deeply; by excavation, I mean understanding its dynamics, its politics and its cultural expressions. For me, the site is not just the piece of land; it...

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Issue 16 - Identity & ModernityMehrotra Rahul, Mateo Josep LluísInterviews

The Context of the Context

Interview with Rahul Mehrotra

JLLM The first question is about the dialectic between the terms identity
and modernity. The typical understanding of modernity is the creation
of a kind of layer that is added to a place. For instance, Rem
Koolhaas’s ideas about China twenty years ago again introduced
this excitement about...

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