Issue 6 - Middle East 1Daher Rami, Arbid George, Baumgartner Marianne, Samhouri Wael, Adanali Yasar, Ivanišin KrunoslavInterviews


Interview with Yaşar Adanali, George Arbid, Rami Daher, and Wael Samhouri


Yaşar Adanali: Defining the Middle East, its boundaries, different meanings, layers is by itself a very difficult, value-bounded and mainly a political challenge. Especially, when one looks at the region from the perspective of its “western” neighbors, many...

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Issue 10 - In the DesertDaher RamiEssays, Studio

Postcards from Amman

by Rami Daher

Consciousness and Resistance

I strongly believe that The Arab Spring was definitely a positive way forward, but it lacked a 100-year overdue. It should have been supported by a serious evaluation of movements of change and transformation that took place in Europe since the Enlightenment,...

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